IP Telephony

IP telephone systems makes sense because the circuit-based, century-old telephone network (called the public switched telephone network, or PSTN) is primitive and inefficient.

When a call is made between two parties on a traditional system, the connection is maintained both ways for the entire duration of the call, creating a circuit. Since one party is listening whilst the other is talking, at least half of the connection is wasted.

Instead of circuit switches, IP telephony systems rely on packet switching – the basis of all data networks – which send and retrieve data across the connection when it’s needed, rather than keeping it open all of the time.

It’s much more efficient than circuit-switch networks, allowing more calls to share the same line. But more importantly, data networks already understand the technology. Since IP telephone systems communicate in the same way that computers do, there’s no need to have a separate network dedicated just to voice calls.

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