Structured Cabling

Structured cabling design and installation is governed by a set of standards that specify wiring data centers, offices, and apartment buildings for data or voice communications using various kinds of cable, most commonly category 5e (CAT5e), category 6 (CAT6), and fiber optic cabling and modular connectors.

These standards define how to lay the cabling in various topologies in order to meet the needs of the customer, typically using a central patch panel (which is normally 19-inch rack-mounted), from where each modular connection can be used as needed. Each outlet is then patched into a network switch (normally also rack-mounted) for network use or into an IP or PBX (private branch exchange) telephone system patch panel.

Structured cabling is the design and installation of a cabling systems that will support multiple hardware uses systems and be suitable for today’s needs and those of the future. With a correctly installed system your requirements of today and of tomorrow will be catered for and whatever hardware you choose to add will be supported 

Ruby has been handling the most complex structured cabling for the famous companies and architecture here in the middle east. We have been successful in the installation of structured cables for complex architecture only because we do the research, assessment and deployment with the technical expertise.

We keep the aim of having the futuristic needs and development and then propose the design of the of the cabling so it fits to any upcoming tasks and development.

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